strategy through vision.

While clientele and profile have grown, the Pier Consulting Group values have remained the same.

Starting as a niche consulting group in 2006, Pier Consulting Group focused heavily within the educational sector, consistently striving to partner with leading education providers. A clientele built largely on higher learning institutions was developed, each maintaining a goal of strategic growth, programme development and operational efficiency between geographic partners.

The years which followed saw Pier Consulting Group grow in industry circles, and focus on establishing corporate partnerships, engaging in charitable development and aiding in the merging of global business ventures. New industries were explored, new partnerships were formed and collaboration through an ever-growing network ensued.

Today, Pier Consulting Group is comprised of industry leading and acclaimed consultants, including former C-suite executives, former VP and Director level managers, Ivy League professors, UN and OPAL representatives.

engaging a network built on innovation.

In addition to industry exposure, constultation appointments have included varying government ranks from municipal to federal levels.

International projects include business brokerage appointments and consulting engagements in Europe (Germany, United Kingdom), Asia (China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong), Middle East (UAE, Turkey, Saudi Arabia), Africa (South Africa).

A partial list of clientele and proprietary engagements include:

iconiq dhl harvard
barclays procter and gamble accenture